Previous version of cathodic protection station







Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (iCCP) station tKs-a-t is a microcontroller (with arm7 core) based device featuring a complete set of functions:

  •  Output current is automatically adjusted according to measured reference potential, current or voltage.
  • Integrated data logger collects data records at preset rate. Each data record contains
    time stamp the record was taken, measured and setpoint reference potential,
    current and voltage. Also in the record are stored controller status and events such
    as door openings and power failures.
  • Integrated telemetry enables remote confi guration and monitoring. Direct or
    modem connection is used to transfer data using standard communications
    protocol in industry – Modbus. Usually data interchange session is initialized by
    remote host, but TKS-A-T station also can take that role in case of critical event
    such as power failure. Over data interchange session TKS-A-T station confi guration
    can be remotely downloaded or uploaded as well as collected records can be
  • Measured and setpoint values of reference potential, current and voltage can be
    seen on TKS-A-T station panel all at once. Reference potential, current and voltage
    setpoints can be manually edited with simple keyboard. Optionally, manual edition
    can be forbidden remotely by the host.
  • Relay-based rectifi er output disconnecting function. This can be accomplished
    manually with keyboard or remotely by host. This function is valuable for protected
    object maintenance services such as welding.
  • Backup supply allowing to keep device functional (except output current) during
    main power supply failures. Modem backup is also provided.

    Cathodic protection station controller board