Embedded system development

Currently electronic solutions goes global standardization way by using predefined modules in electronic design and frameworks in software development. We can create different architecture systems, but especially we are strong in systems  that runs without any operating systems and frameworks and does exact was designed for.  Deep knowledge in processors allows us to create more optimized systems with significant faster performance, higher stability and lower power consumption.

We have experience in solving problems:

  • Telemetry and remote control systems
  • Analog/ digital value registration
  • GSM data transfer

Depending on the system requirements we are using several types of processors.

  • CORTEX M0,M3,M4,MSP430, processors Blackfin
  • XAG, 8051, PIC processors are used in older projects
  • We have experience in working with Zilog Z8, Motorola 68HC05 family microcontrollers 68HC11  and with ADSP21xx series DSP