We have experience in developing automatic management and stabilization , data loggers and many other systems.

We developing both- whole systems that can be provided to end user and only devices that are integrated into our client ones. Bellow are several sample projects that illustrates our activity in both cases.

Devices developed by KPV

  • Specialized graphic and text indicators
  • Fiscal blocks for POS systems
  • Boiler control unit
  • People counter
  • Corrosion process recorder
  • Device for electronic microscope image registration
  • Programmable delay line and programmable counter-synchronizer for laser control unit
  • AF control unit for controlling the piezoelectric driver
  • Terminal for industrial scales
  • Autonomous 5 analog data recorder distinguished by especially low energy consumption

Complete systems developed by KPV

  • Fair work control system
  • Store management system
  • Profile quality control system
  • Impressed current catholic protection station