MPP collector for solar panels


System designed to collect solar panels power in most efficient way.mtt_solar_web

Technical description

MPPC (Maximum Power Point Collector) is designed to collect power from solar panels (1-3 units) to input of microinverter  Enphase M215-60-230-S22while staying panels in maximum power output mode. Solar panels output voltage must be from 6.5-18.5V diapason and might variate. Voltage close to 24V is provided in MPPC output. Collector also allows to read following data using ZigBee data transfer:

  • each solar cell operating current / voltage,
  • each solar cell short circuit current, open circuit voltage
  • output current / voltage,
  • MPPC temperature
  • all parameters, except for short-circuit current and voltage of open channel, parameter change history according preset setup.

Creating process